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Love Hearts? Here's How to Keep Your Winning Streak

Before we played video games, there were board games, and both of these are still popular today. But before there were formal board games, there were card games, And card games have really stood the test of time. You only need to listen to anything anyone says about Vegas, and you know that card games remain popular in every casino in every city in all of the world. You can have card games on tap, and that includes games of Hearts.

In Vegas, they will televise Poker and Bridge as the most popular high stakes games, and Bridge is one of the most popular pastimes in retirement communities.There are other games that are similar to bridge that remain popular and they help with dexterity and focus. Pinochle, spades, Euchre and, of course, a game of Hearts are all still very popular.

Card games are usually learned by observation. Trying to understand the rules of a card game when someone is explaining it to you is not the easiest thing to do because it's very easy to lose focus, but with Hearts it makes it easier to understand. The biggest strategy or tip anybody needs to be able to win at Hearts is to understand that Hearts is a game of goals and strategies.It's a trick taking game, and it's created with a series of rounds or tricks where the winning trick can score penalty points. Once a person reaches 100 penalty points, the game of Hearts is over and the winner is the player who scored the least.

What is Hearts?

This is quite different compared to other card games because usually it's the person with the most points who wins, but Hearts doesn't follow the same suit. No pun intended! Cards from the diamonds and the club suits don't result in any penalty points, but every heart card is worth one point, with the Queen of Spades being worth 13 points. In the game of Hearts, all you have to do is follow suit and the person who plays the highest card wins the trick.

It's the two Clubs that start the first trick of every new round, and while you can't play any cards that will offer penalties during the first trick, you can get rid of all of your penalty cards or high cards in other tricks when you don't have to follow suit. Usually a game of Hearts is made for four players, but it can be played with three or less.It could even be played with groups or five or six. Understanding how to play the card games is detailed on other blogs on our site, but understanding which cards to strategise or play in each round can help you to avoid taking the trick with penalty cards.

There are two very basic ways to win in war and in all games, and it's all about strategy and tactics. Being able to theoretically plan out that line of attack of yours is going to help you to create a strategy, and smoothly implementing that strategy is the tactic that you use to win. When you think about how you win at heart, you should observe others as they play so that you can see what strategies they are using to be the best at the game. Hearts are supposed to be fun, and it's a nice hobby for some downtime, but it's also a great way to improve.Your gameplay.

As a variation of the game of Bridge, Hearts involves using the whole deck of cards. But unlike bridges, the trump suit or dominant suit doesn't change. In Bridge, whenever you play, you bid to determine what the trump suit is going to be, but the trump suit in heart is whatever suit leads the round.It's only the heart cards that have those point values, and without bidding, the game can move a lot faster. The whole point of Hearts is to take on the fewest tricks that contain points. The tricks are the four cards played by each of the four players during each round, with players donating the cards. The highest of these cards in the lead suit takes the first trick.

Winning is Everything

When you think about how to win at Hearts, you have to really understand the basics. You know that you have to score low, and that means making sure that the tricks that you take don't have Hearts in them. The suit of the lead card or the first player to go will always determine that dominant suit. If a player with the eight of spades Is the lead, then, spades is the Trump suit.Understanding that point will help you to win. Trump cards and tricks will really help with the flow of play.

Understanding Each Round

Before the first hand of every round, you need to understand that they all have their own specific flow of play. With each player passing three cards to the player on their left. For the second hand, each player passes three cards to the right. In each round, it's very possible to unload all of those less desirable cards that you don't want, including your heart.It's a cycle that will repeat itself through the game. The left, right, across, none.

What About Strategizing?

There are plenty of strategies when it comes to trying to win Hearts. Players will always pass around their high cards. So remember that winning at heart means taking the fewest tricks and scoring the lowest. The key here is to get rid of the high cards, including the aces and the kings that are included in any suit. High Hearts should be the first to go if you have them. The key is playing well and learning how to win at heart from the very first game. The only cards worth any points are the Hearts, except for the Queen's face as we said earlier, because by herself she is worth 13 points. It's very hard to win around after getting stuck with that one. Scoring the least amount of points makes you the winner, which doesn't feel like the right way to play a game, but Hearts has its own rules.

Thankfully, Hearts is not particularly difficult to play and whether you are playing competitively with your friends or you're playing online. You can either make some cash from it in the casino or you can play for fun. If you want to learn how to keep your winning streak going, these are the tips that are going to help.

Keep Those Low Spades to Yourself

A good tip that comes with winning Hearts is that not all spades are created equal, because the higher spades are more dangerous. Those lower spades will act as a cushion, and this can guard you against the queen of spades which you are trying to avoid taking. The more low spades you have in your hand of cards, the better.If you do get past the queen of spades as part of a round, this is going to be something you are forced to play as soon as the spades are led by another player.

Whoever Holds the Two of Clubs Will Lead the Hand Every Time

As you know, the rules of Hearts state the above. You don't want to be in this position because on the first hand, the cards that give points can't be played.This first hand is the bit where you should clear all of those high cards. So playing a high club early on gives you that freedom. Passing the two clubs is important. you want to keep that winning streak going which means you need to ensure that you are leading the hand for as long as possible.

Play Those High Cards as Early as Possible

Getting rid of any high card that could win you a trick later on if you don't have the two of clubs is important. After the first round, you could argue that you're safe to clear those high cards anyway, but you want to get rid of them as early as you can. You want to jump in and win some hands that are worth 0 points.

Open the Void

One of the easiest styles of playing Hearts is to create a void of a suit at the start of the game.If you only have one or two cards in one particular suit, lead with that. There isn't a specific suit that you should create a void in, but a good way to do it is to imagine that you're holding the ace and king of spades, but you only have the three or four of diamonds.If you get rid of those early on, you can dump those high speeds in an offsuit trick. The idea is to avoid taking the queen of spades.

Keep Those High Hearts

Have been dealt a hand with highly ranked cards or a large number of Hearts. The option that you can use is called shooting the Moon. We won't dive too deeply into this strategy, but if successful. Somebody who has won all of the scoring cards gets a score of 0 on the round. Shooting the moon is a strategy that is not a common occurrence in Hearts. But it's a high risk and high reward strategy that does work. You can play this trick at any turn as long as you don't want to be on the losing end of it.

You can stop anybody who wants to try to attempt to shoot for the moon. The best case scenario is having the Ace of Hearts.It's got the power to make or break somebody's attempt at a moon shot. And that's why, even if it's your only heart, it's not a card you should ever pass. Worst case scenario here is that you're going to score some points when you play the Ace of Hearts, so make sure that you are looking at the bigger picture.It's a lot more desirable to gain two or three points than 25 or 26.

Keep Your Focus

If you want to keep that winning streak, you need to focus on the cards that have been passed to you. You just need to glimpse them.If you pay attention, you can Start learning what your opponents strategy may be and that can be much easier to be able to win the game yourself. You just need to think ahead and take in the information that they are giving you when they are passing you the cards.Proactive plays include counting cards, contractual passes and looking out for those stoppers.

Pay Attention to the Beginning of the Game

In Hearts, all games start with the two clubs placed down in the middle. If you have the two of clubs, you should get rid of them from the beginning because if you have no clubs this is a void. You can offload your heart much faster.

Pass Your Cards

You don't know what you're going to receive in a game of Hearts, but the structure of passing out your cards is never going to vary. You want to make sure that your strategy for how to win is much more difficult, and you can count on that fact that players will try and give you their high cards. If you know this, then you know that you should be expected to be past the Queen of Spades, and it's your job to decide if you can collect enough cards to do that moon shot we spoke about. Offloading those high cards and Hearts to each round is your way to gig play, but all the other players will be trying to do the same thing.

Less is More

Generally throughout a game of Hearts, fewer points equal a higher score, but there is one particular exception to this. If you take every single heart trick, but you also receive the queen of spades, then you can go back to shooting the moon, as we talked through earlier on. This results in a perfect score of 0 for that 10. Decide ahead of time based on how many Hearts you're going to have another high card in the suit. When you shoot the moon, everybody else receives a big score of 26 for that round. But you won't.

Give Yourself an Edge

If you can learn to read the other players and understand the way that they play, you'll be able to give yourself more of an edge. Having an edge in a game of Hearts is going to make the game much more exhilarating, and if you are passing cards that you know the player next to you has those three cards, you can then determine that the player after them is going to have those cards as well. Observation and intuition are important in a game of Hearts because every single player is trying to offload those high cards. Once you figure out what the other players are up to, you can readily adjust your strategy and make sure that your movements are not so predictable. Of course, every other player will be doing the same thing, so be mindful of that.

Be Stealthy

Able to win the game and you want to be able to do it as smoothly as possible. This is where you need to understand how to be stealthy when you are playing Hearts. Once players figure out what you are up to, they're going to stop passing around those high cards your way. You should be committing after the third hand where you can. Those being played on the fourth round, there is no passing of cards after that.

Shoot The Moon

Shooting for the moon is the strategy we've discussed many times in this particular article, but keeping your winning streak means understanding how that moon shot is going to work. You want to make sure that a score of 0 is going to stop you from racking up those points, so look at what all the other players are doing and keep that in mind.

Winning at Hearts from the beginning is not the easiest thing to do, but if you are paying attention to how other players are playing, you're going to find it a much simpler game to play. Once you've got the basic knowledge of Hearts down pat, you're going to be able to be ready to play with others or play online. There are people who play for fun, but there are also those who play for big stakes and big wins and you can go online to do that or go into a casino and see how you can win.

Hearts is a game that should be played by those who are keen card players. Keeping a winning streak is easier when you can decipher exactly how the other players are thinking.


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